Ищу представителя Китайского производителя трикотажа,швейной продукции(юбки,брюки,пиджаки) и джинсовой одежды в Росии.
тел.факс 8 (8352)202759, телю сот 8 903 3572632  mihailova_ov@mail.ru

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     Russian Transportation
    Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day ! Nice to meet you!&Glad to have a chance to introduce myself to you.
I’m Teresa from Shenzhen Wil-Can international freight forwarding Co Ltd .My company is registed and established under the approvement of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. And owns the NVOCC which is issued by the Ministry of Communication.Wil-Can Group was founded in 1994.Having branches and agents in Russia, Ukraine, America, Canada, Europe, Mid-East and Southeast Asia areas.Our freight services extend all over the world.
We offer a full range of shipping services include:
*Warehousing and Inventory Control, Customs Clearance
*Cartage and Delivery Services to eastern/western Europe.USA.Canada &Mid-Asia By sea &land through traffic.
*Railway transportation to Mid-Asia areas.
*To-Door & Custom clearance service in Russian for LCL &FCL
Main Line;
1. To Russian inland via VOSTOCHNY or VLADIVOSTOK by sea &land through traffic.
2. To eastern Europe inland(include western of Russian. Belarus.Riga& the Republic of Lithuania via the Baltic basic port .
3. Railway transportation to Russian & Mongolia inland Via Erlianhot.
4. Railway transportation to Mid-Asia inland via Alashankou.
More details could be find on company website address : www.wilcan.com.
Any Query Please Contact Me without Any Hesitation by Tel:86-0755-82177017; 13760682060
Email: teresa@wilcan.com.cn or unlimitedlin@163.com
MSN: teresa-lmt@hotmail.com
ICQ: 444881267

    Teresa | 2008年 7月25日 11 : 37

     business contact
    we are shanghai wintex inport and export company. we are leader of export fabric and clothes in shanghai, with more than 50years experience. so we want to set up long term relationship with you.
    David zhou | 2007年 7月31日 10 : 20

     garments business connection
    Dear Sir,

It is great pleasure to know your company from the internet. And know that you are in the market for textile & garments, which just fall into our business scope.We are writing to enter into business relations with you on a basis of mutual benefits and common developments.

We have two factories,which specialize in the woven garments making and exporting, expecially the casual tops and pants. We have established close business with many customers,just like Manor of Switzerland, Lafayette in France, and other countries in Europe , Asia, South America.

If you need, we can send some products pictures ,which may meet your demand. Of course you can let us know your specific requirements. We can also produce according to your designated styles. It will be a great pleasure to receive your inquires against which we will sent your our best quotation.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Yours faithfully
Fanny - business department
Nanjing Fortunate
Tel: 86-25-86180718,86180768,86181776
Fax: 86-25-86180874
EMAIL: sales@chinafort.com , fanny@chinafort.com
Website: www.chinafort.com

    Fanny | 2005年 9月17日 11 : 34

     dear sir:
    our company do a lot of fabrics too.
product send to every where.
i hope can made friends with you sir.
    danfer | 2005年 4月18日 14 : 15

     The niuzi garment
Add:9FL.,International Trade Mansion,No.118
Middle Chengjiang Rd.,Jiangyin Jiangsu China
E-mail: jiazhi@chinadavin.com


Dear Sir,
I am pleasure to find your information on internet. I remember that we met at an exhibition once time. Do you remember me? My name is jiazhi .I am a member of CHINADAVIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD. I like fashion clothes like most girls and I will pay more attention to the clothes market. I want to be a good marketer in today’s open occasion as our company do. I would like to cooperate with you if you’re interested in our products.
We are China Davin International Trading Co.,Ltd. Our company is the branches of the famous corporation ----Haida, which is a company on stock. We just respond with the export business of Haida.We have cloth and fabrics export experiences to EUROPE, USA,UK,MIDDLE EAST, other countries of ASIA, and with several years effort, we have our own designer and factories which has lots of product lines and capability of large numbers production. We can supply all kinds of styles: men's wear , children's wear, a lot of material( including PU,PVC) & all kinds of high & middle grade long coat, short coat, padded coat, jackets, sports wear, casual wear, skiing wear, T-shirt, long trouser, short trouser. Babywear, outwear, jacket, blouse, skirt, vest, suit.....
Now I introduce two styles of our clothes. You can look the pictures on our web for a general idea.
First, I give you some children’s wear. You can look the picture on our web (www.chinadavin.com). We product either knitting or colored woven We use most fabrics like pure cotton, undershirt cloth, interlock fabric, small looped pile, fleece, denim, corduroy ect. And we just pay a lot of energy to design. You can see we have slip, miniskirt, pleated skirt, trousers with tapered legs, jeans, jackets, slacks, suits ect. The color is many kinds of whatever you want depends on the color card
    jiazhi | 2005年 4月6日 14 : 43

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