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How to do?
I have a dilemma: To be or not to be?
I graduated from school for half a year but without any achievement. I want to display my ability but find it is a little difficulty. What is “success”? How can I define myself? What am I pursuing?
What is right and what is wrong???
Sometimes I have to surrender to the society. I have to obey some people, although I do not like them. And they are not right. I do not know why “G” behaves like that. Does he really appreciate “L”- a useless vase? Why does he always treat us unfair? 
I think I should work hard and prove myself by my achievement. I want to let those know who are excellent. I want to let my friends fell happy.
I know what I should behave but I am reluctant sometimes. Because I think if I do in that way I will lose myself.
But I know I must!!!

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    sometimes, you strive for something but grab nothing; sometimes, you feel you know something, but in fact you know nothing; sometimes, you feel you have aims but in fact you do not know who you are; sometimes, you feel you live a full life but in fact you do not notice what you are doing; sometimes, you can find a excuse for yourself but in fact you are not aware that is wrong; sometimes
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