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Roe versus Wade: An extremely controversial 
Supreme Court decision in 1973 that, on the basis 
of the right to privacy, gave women an unrestricted 
right to abortion during the first three months of 
pregnancy. Pro-choice forces have hailed the decision, 
whereas those associated with the “right-to-life” 
(pro-life) movement have opposed it

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    KYL: Well, I hope that it is conducted in a very fair and dignified manner, as the president said. There will be outside or special interests, as Candy Crowley said, that will try to drive the debate, opponents of the president, who will probably object to this nominee. But I would hope that the senators themselves, appreciating the need for a fair and dignified proceeding, will not be unduly swayed by that kind of approach, and will certainly ask tough questions, but do so in an appropriate manner. Even when we disagree, we can surely do it agreeably.

KING: Do you agree with that, Senator Durbin?

DURBIN: Absolutely. And I can guarantee you, the Democrats, whether they're for or against John Roberts, Judge Roberts, are going to do their best to make certain that we have the kind of deliberation, the kind of questioning that really gets to the heart of the matter. The American people get this chance very seldom in their lifetime, to hear what a Supreme Court nominee really believes. And as has been said by others, this nominee is likely to serve for decades. I think we have an obligation to ask those questions, and we should have the time to ask them in a deliberate fashion,

not to rush to judgment,
but to make certain that our judgment is based on a true picture of Judge Roberts' opinion of the bench and his position on it.

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    KYL: He will be entitled to explain his views, his judicial philosophy in the context of specific cases, like Roe versus Wade, and
I suspect that people who are very skeptical about his views will bore in, in every way possible, to get any kind of a hint from him that they can about how he might rule in a future case.
Expressing his view about a case, fine. Expressing how he might rule in the future, without knowing the facts of a case, a much different question.

KING: Senator Durbin, do you have a right to know his opinion of prior decisions?

DURBIN: Absolutely. And I asked him, when he came before our committee, he, in a briefing, said he wanted to overturn Roe versus Wade. And I said, "is that your position?" "No, no, no," he said, "I was just an attorney for a client that took that position, in this case the government." So I said, "what is your position on Roe versus Wade?" He said, "it's settled law; Roe versus Wade is settled." And on the Casey decision, another Supreme Court decision, he said "it's more than settled." But, of course, he was deferring to the Supreme Court. Now he wants to serve on the court. And I think we have a right -- let me go further, an obligation -- to determine what his position is when it comes to the privacy of families and individuals in America. That's the underlying principle in Roe versus Wade. KING:
Shouldn't the answer on Roe versus Wade that he gave you suffice?
DURBIN: No, because we have to know, when it gets to the heart of the issue, the real core constitutional values, where does he stand? And I think that's a legitimate question. It isn't enough that he's legally skilled. People want to know whether he is in the mainstream of values of America.

KING: Senator Kyl, how tough is this going to get?

KYL: Well, I hope that it is conducted in a very fair and dignified manner, as the president said. There will be outside or special interests, as Candy Crowley said, that will try to drive the debate, opponents of the president, who will probably
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    Senator Kyl, what do you think of the nomination and how will it do in committee?

SEN. JON KYL (R), ARIZONA: I think that Wolf Blitzer actually hit it right on the head. It's a pretty wise choice.

. I think Senator Schumer voted against him in the committee, but he was confirmed unanimously by the full Senate to serve on the highest of the district courts((美国每个地区的)联邦地方法院) of the land. And someone who is going to be very difficult to oppose, I think, because of his widespread support in Washington, D.C., by both Democrats and Republican lawyers and judges who know him well.

So I think that Wolf is right. It's a wise choice. Obviously, we have our work to do. We'll ask the questions. At the end of the day, I suspect he'll be confirmed.

KING: Senator Durbin, do you expect him to answer any tough questions, like Schumer's what three decisions did you disagree with, and will that affect your decision?

SEN. RICHARD DURBIN (D-IL), MINORITY WHIP: Well, of course it will. I think the American people are entitled to answers.

The American people want to know if the values of the nominee are in the mainstream of America.

As a Supreme Court justice likely to serve for 20 years or more, will this nominee protect the rights of the minorities, in terms of women and workers, human rights, civil rights, protect the environment? Very fundamental questions of values.

KING: Senator Kyl, would you want to know his opinion of Roe versus Wade, an opinion already rendered by the Supreme Court, so it wouldn't be hypothetical?

KYL: I think it depends on how you ask the question. If you ask him about that decision, he's going to say it's the precedent of the court. If you ask him a hypothetical question about how he might rule in a future case, I think he's correct to say until I know all the facts of that case, it's very difficult for me to decide.

KING: But will he have to answer his opinion of Roe versus Wade, not a hypothetical case?

KYL: He will be entitled to expl
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